Top 2 Helpful Tips For Those Looking To Move To BC

Many of us dream of moving far away to another country. And every year thousands of people fulfill that dream by deciding to make BC their new home. Chances are you have already visited BC on a vacation and fell in love. This is probably what prompted your move. And while BC is a very exciting place to visit, its completely different when you live there. Here are 2 tips to help make your move a smooth transition.

Tip #1 Understand Living In BC Is Different Than Visiting BC

When you are just visiting BC that means you will only be there for a short period of time. That also means you don’t have the opportunity to really see what everyday life would be like if you live there. You would be in what I like to call the honeymoon phase.

When you move to BC you will be a long way from what you are familiar with. Will you be able to handle that? You will also have to deal with a higher cost of living depending on where you are moving from. Your way of living will also be different. You will get a small taste of it when you visit but you won’t get the whole buffet until you move. Life in BC can be a lot slower than what you are used to. If you come from a big busy city it will take some getting used to. Finding a job to support your new life in BC may be more difficult than you imagine. Check out the average living wages diagram below:

Tip #2 It May Take You Some Time To Find A Place

Don’t think you can hop on a plane and find a place your first day in BC. Its not going to happen that way. It will take you a little time to find the place you want. Before you start looking I would suggest you sit down and create a budget. Figure out what you can truly afford. Are you looking to rent or are you looking to own? For a comprehensive look at renting a home versus owning a home – check out G+ article on “Should you rent or should you buy

You need to figure this out before you start your search for a new place to live. Be flexible in your search and give yourself plenty of time. Chances are you will need more of it than you think.

What not to Pack on Moving Day

Our movers know that moving day can be a stressful. Most of us spend many many days before moving day sorting and packing our household items into moving boxes. But which of our household items that should not be packed? Here is a list of items you should AVOID packing for moving day.
• Dangerous & Perishable items -such as: Paints & Paint Thinners, Fertilizers, Propane Cylinders, Automotive Repair & Maintenance Chemicals & Fireworks
• Perishable Items including live plants and food. If you are moving locally, most Vancouver Moving Companies will allow properly packed plants and food items. Be sure to ask your local moving company if this is something they allow.
• Special Items including fitness equipment, old playground sets and washing machines & dryers
• Valuable Items such as passports, birth certificates, medical records and jewelry. Instead of packing these items into a moving box and placing them on a moving truck, it is better to keep these items within reach and take them in the car with you on moving day.
Reminders Prior to Moving Day
Organize, purge and store. The most effective way to stage your home is to rid it of excess clutter. If there are items you no longer need, sell them or donate them to charity. The rest – box up and have your moving company bring to storage to house until the big move. That means everything you can live without, including knick-knacks, toys your children no longer play with, rarely used kitchen appliances, and unnecessary furnishings. Reducing clutter makes your home look more open and inviting.
Eliminate your “personal” space. Don’t let your personal belongings distract your buyers from your home. Store photographs, keepsakes and other mementos in a storage unit while your house is on the market. It can be disheartening to look around your home and see your most beloved items missing, but it helps your buyers picture your house as their own instead of feeling like they’re intruding on another’s living space.
Clean out your closets. Closet and storage space is one of the biggest selling factors of a house. Do you really need all of those clothes in your closet, especially ones in the off-season? Organize your closet and put any extra clothes in storage to spotlight desirable space.

In addition to what NOT to pack on moving day here is list of helpful reminders prior to moving day:
• Drain oil from garden tools and other machinery
• Disconnect any battery operated equipment from it’s battery
• Disconnect Propane Tanks and return to collection centers
Armed with these 2 lists, you will now be able to make the right choices as to what to pack and what not to pack on moving day. We have also included a video outlining these steps in more detail. Thanks for choosing Vancouver Movers as your local and long distance moving company!

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Clearing Clutter Before Moving Day

canadian residential moverWhether you are moving long distance or just a short distance, our team of movers can help when looking to hire a professional vancouver moving companies. Make your next relocation EASY and hire the best local Canadian Easy Movers

Women tend to gather a great deal of our extra residential mess in our home closets. With styles heading and coming just like the wave, clothing appears to litter up our cabinets faster than the change in seasons. Whether you are preparing to relocate or planning to get a new start to a brand new home, here are some tips on cleaning up your closet
- Hang it up. Utilize as much of one’s household storage space as possible. If your clothing product includes a builtin hook inside the collar, it will be deserves a hook. Having anything dangling makes it easier to discover what you already own. Show your accessories and shoes in home closet order to quickly see them as well.
- Sort it out. Consider sorting your clothing products by event; dressy to everyday. This helps you see what you have too much of (enough with all the dark apparel, presently) or what you could be missing (need to get several button down collar tops for work).
- Ask yourself the tough questions. Not sure if it’s a classic apparel item you need to retain? Consider, “If I noticed this in the retailer today, might I buy it?”
- Invest in one clothing storage box to store in your home closet. This can easily be one more item you’ve already packed for your move! You probably possess some expressive clothing items that you would want to hang on to which is okay. Just get one storage field and use that on your memorable posts. But don’t exceed filling multiple box.
Invest only fifteen to twenty minutes on diverse aspects of your house closet. Start with sweaters the day, jeans the following, and sneakers one day next. The task won’t be so overwhelming if you crack it into manageable projects without running out of drive.
- Three bin rule. Always keep three open containers or containers inside your wardrobe to frequently kind things every month. One container must be for one bin for consignment, contribution and one bin for repair.
- Recruit a friend to help you. Just like you do another person doesn’t possess the expressive ties for your clothing. And a close friend could be objective in aiding you decide whether your clothing should keep or go.
You may you should be surprised at what you might get gone, after you have acquired an entire wardrobe clean-out. And even better, you could even look for a few shock things you forgot you even possessed.

Keeping your residence clean is great for selling your home and great for keeping moving day as hassle free as possible. For more moving tips visit our website


Hiring professional movers in Surrey

Moving can be due to a variety of reasons be it a job change or a personal decision for better prospects and better living. In these circumstances the need to relocate can be emotionally, mentally and physically draining. At times even a company may need to shift its accommodation from a particular location to another. Moving with household and office goods is a massive task that needs great organizational skills and patience. A through knowledge about the new city also comes in handy when moving assets such as the family car, piano and pets. It is therefore advisable to hire a professional mover to take care of all the relocation needs.

A competent moving company will have years of experience in dealing with relocation needs of individuals and corporations. They can use their industry expertise to decide upon the factors such as the rules and regulations for transporting assets like an automobile, careful packaging and handling of household goods and the needed paperwork. When you want to hire the services of a Surrey moving company and it is best to research a little into their background and find out their previous track record.Previous and uphold references can help you decide on the company that you want to hire for your relocation purpose. When the safety of your personal belongings is to be handed over to a Full Service Professional Surrey Moving Company, it is best to be reassured of their dependability and credibility.

A Canadian approved professional mover will ensure that they or any one of their employees pay a visit to your residence from where the relocation is to take place to make a judgmental assessment of your needs. It is the added advantage that a reputed company offers to its valued customers. So finding a local moving contractors will be wise some idea. The assessment with them helps both you and the moving company to arrive at an estimation regarding the budget involved for the services and the particular needs according to the goods to be moved. A stock needs to be taken of the fragile goods since they need special handling and packaging.

Efficient movers will be professional and ensure that the belongings are packaged in specially customized containers that ensure the safe arrival of your belongings. Hiring a moving company also helps to take off a major responsibility from your shoulders when you are already amidst the tension of adjusting to a new location. The services of a moving company offer the convenience of door-to-door service which involves the vendor packaging and transporting the goods from your house, placing it on the carrier that will take it to the new location, dealing with authorities and paperwork for the transportation if required and delivering, unpacking and settling the goods at the new location.